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ISO-9001 2015 Certified
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ISO 9001 Supplier Flow Down Requirements

These requirements apply to purchase orders to suppliers of NEMO Manufacturing.

By accepting the purchase order, it is understood that your organization agrees to meet the following flow down requirements.

  1. Supplier must flow down all purchase order Flow Down Requirements from NEMO to sub-tier suppliers. This includes NEMO end customer requirements.
    1. Compliance with US Conflict Materials Rules
    2. Compliance with International Child Labor laws
    3. Compliance with US DOD ITAR restrictions
    4. Counterfeit Mitigation Policies
    5. Non-Disclosure agreements
    6. Protection of Confidential Information
    7. All special processes must be performed by trained, qualified persons

    The following requirements also apply to purchase order acceptance
  2. The need to acknowledge the purchase order within 24 business hours.
  3. Agreed upon payment terms, discounts, and shipping methods.
  4. Suppliers interactions with NEMO are to be in email or written form of communication.
  5. Suppliers quality and delivery performance will be monitored.
  6. NEMO will communicate any special requirements as it applies to product or service.
  7. Date on PO is NEMO Dock Date.
  8. Shipping window is +7 -0 DAYS Dock Date.
  9. Supplier is to notify NEMO of changes to process, products, or services.
  10. Packing slip shall accompany order. It shall include (minimum);
    1. NEMO Part Number
    2. NEMO PO Number
    3. Manufacturer Part Number
    4. Date code/lot code
  11. Date Code
    1. Prefer component parts one year old or less date code.
    2. Parts with a date code of two years or more require purchasing approval.